In the ether of our shared existence is something called Love. Do we choose love or does it choose us? Our film, Love in the Making, is a provoking examination of why we fall in love, what keeps us together, and what pulls us apart. This journey is undertaken by people trying to make meaning of their experience of love and challenges all of us to reexamine and accept or change our understanding of it.
“No journey is too great when one finds what one seeks”…but what happens when you don’t find it? Or you lose it?  Or it breaks down? Or it’s empty?  Or it scares you? During this film, we explore the varied and diverse landscape of our desire to love and be loved and documents what happens when we love each other in the only way we know how.
Humans have tried to define love throughout time and across cultures. Many of us universally define it as common denominator in humanity. And yet, it’s definitions can be as varied as our individual experiences of it. For many, it’s complexity is cloaked in a veil of simple truth that, like a riddle, leaves us perplexed and frustrated.  Others see its simplicity as beacon of light, guiding their way home through the treacherous waters of existence. 
How is it that love can be an abstract concept and a visceral experience; that it can be a feeling and an action; that it can be found and lost; and discovered and/or buried?  Love in the Making is one more attempt on the collective human journey to define the undefinable and will inspire you to not only find answers but have the courage to ask the questions.
Orlando Brenes, Director
Kelvin Ramirez, Ph.D., ATR-BC, LCAT, Executive Producer