From the Executive Producer:

At first glance, the struggles of the human condition feel overwhelming. Every issue has a divisive and polarizing component. How to address basic human rights issues like poverty, mental health, education, economic empowerment and social justice to name a few, leave societies and individuals fragmented and paralyzed. I’ve always struggled to understand such complex phenomena and how to respond.

Art Therapy: The Movie Kelvin Ramirez, Alfonso Bui, Shaloo Sharma

In this struggle, I found my way, both personally and professionally, to Art Therapy. My personal journey has intersected with countless individuals in Canto Grande, Peru; Havana, Cuba; Delhi, India; La Romana, Dominican Republic and so many others which has allowed me to engage and collaborate in addressing these overpowering realities. From the neighborhoods of the South Bronx that nurtured my world view, I am grateful to numerous individuals that focused and deepened my awareness, affirming the importance and central role of creativity within our lives.

Creativity defined broadly as a means of survival; as a means of meaning making; as a means of thriving and repairing the ruptured sectors, both within ourselves and our respective communities.
Embodying creativity goes far beyond its end result. Being creative is more than just producing a painting, writing a poem, conceptualizing a performance or executing a film. Art Therapy: The Movie shares stories of the creative process, reminding us of the power and privilege of our creative voices and their potential to bridge naturally occurring and human created divides. This film is an example of how the ARTS can galvanize personal and communal healing.

This film could not have been possible without the hundreds of backers on Kickstarter and the thousands of participants and collaborators close to home and around the world that allowed us to tell these stories. What started out as an informal conversation with peers about a larger vision for our field, inspired the impetus to expand our worldviews and those of Art Therapy to work from an international perspective. It is in these moments of genuine connection and humanity that awe-inspiring movements are created.

Thank you for supporting the film and for believing in our collective creativity.




Kelvin A. Ramirez, PhD., ATR-BC, LCAT
Executive Producer: Art Therapy: The Movie
Assistant Professor
Division of Expressive Therapies
Lesley University